The Application of International Law in the Occupied Territories as Reflected in the Judgments of the High Court of Justice in Israel

DOES the Israeli Supreme Court sitting as the High Court of Justice apply international law to the activities of the military government and civilian administration in the Occupied Territories? Does it examine whether the activities of those authorities conflict with the provisions of international law that apply to an occupied territory?

Which international laws are applicable in an occupied territory? And which international laws are applicable in the territories occupied by Israel? Is the officially declared policy of the State of Israel, whereby it applies customary international law-in particular the regulations annexed to the Hague Convention of 1907 as well as the humanitarian provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949-to the activities of the military government in the Occupied Territories, limited to a declaration of policy, or is international law actually implemented in practice, serving as a guiding light for the military commander of the Occupied Territories in his administrative activities?

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